My earliest memory of music was with my sister singing a whole new world from Aladdin. L>O>L. I remember the way Aunt's face would light up when my sis would sing. I wanted to make music that made people light up like that. 

My fav 3 Albums Of All Times: Juicy J, THE HUSTLE CONTINUES TLC, CrazySexyCool,   Missy Elliott, The Cookbook. Juicy J is my fav Memphis rapper and this album just gave me what I needed in 2020 to feel better. I love TLC so much that I had TLC cut into the back of my head. Missy...Bruh... From start to end she killed this. Not enough credit given.  

“This Here” This is the 1st song I ever put out & since I do it all from production to art, this song shows so much confidence, while showing just how much I've grown. With my 1st mixtape being called Fear My Growth. My art shows how art itself is my religion and after taking some time off I've woken from my slumber to disturb the word again.

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